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Scam Alert -

Here’s one to watch out for.  I was alerted to this when a tweet appeared on my wife’s twitter account announcing people were wanted for online work, offering $50 to $150 an hour to work.


I looked in to this and went to the URL which took me to a page titled “Online Work Agency, Inc” which asked for my name and email address.  Shortly afterwards I recieved a (spam) email from; on behalf of; Jacob Myers <> which appeared in my spam folder.  Further checking it out, I was direct to the site which made the usual promise of earning gobs of cash while working at home taking surveys.

So here’s the first problem: My wife did not post the tweet.  Her account was hacked and the link was put up by the hacker.  Problem Two was that the email was instantly recognized as spam.

I looked at the site and they claim to be dedicated to the prevention of spam email.  Funny that a ‘company’ that would claim this would not only hack a twitter account, have their own email show up in a spam box, but as I attempted to find reviews for the company, I instead discovered several pages of websites, most dummy sites offering ‘glowing’ reviews of their service.  So I guess if you lie enough to convince other people you’re legit, you’ll convince yourself you’re legit too. 

Any legitimate job you apply for should not require you to pay money out of your own pocket to become a member of anything, with maybe the exception of something like Avon or similar sales jobs.

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